St Bridget's Parish Church serves the small town of West Kirby, on the Dee estuary.

The Church was founded by Christian Vikings from Ireland, so we have a thousand years of experience of bringing people the good news of the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. People who come into St Bridget's today still encounter God's love in the beautiful, holy building and in reflective worship and stimulating preaching. We are trying to represent the Church of England at its best.



Throughout the pandemic we have been serving our community and providing worship and pastoral care.

If you would like someone to be in touch with you, please contact our Parish Office on 0151 625 2739 or email
The Churchwardens at our churches can be contacted in an emergency by telephoning 0151 625 2389 or 0151 625 1636 (St Bridget's) or 0151 342 0141 or 0151 625 8510 (Caldy)

Our website contains details of how to join others online for prayer, worship, study, and community life.

Facebook: @StBridgetsChurchWestKirby           

Twitter: @StBandCaldy

From Sunday 23rd August we hope to re-introduce Communion services in church, at 8am in St Bridget's and at 10am in St Bridget's and Caldy Church.

We are currently looking at all the safety measures we will need to take.  We won't be able to offer wine.  Communion will be 'in one kind' - but that will not make it less 'valid'!

In the meantime we continue on Sundays with a said service of Morning Prayer:

8am  Morning Prayer in St Bridget's

10am  Morning Prayer in St Bridget's

10am  Morning Prayer in Caldy Church

The service will also be provided on Zoom at 10am.  See the current news sheet (link below) for details of how to join.

If you come to church, you’ll be asked to observe social distancing, sanitise your hands and give your contact details as you come in. National guidance strongly advises us to wear face coverings.

St Bridget’s church is open for private prayer 2.30pm - 3.30pm   Tuesdays and Fridays


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"Heart to Heart Meditation for the COVID Crisis No1"​

"Heart to Heart Meditation for the COVID Crisis No2" 

"Heart to Heart Meditation for the COVID Crisis No3".

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St Bridget's, West Kirby and Caldy Church take the safety of everyone within our churches very seriously, and expects that everyone will work within the safeguarding policy of the Parish, a copy of which can be found on our noticeboards. 

In particular, the Parish expects anyone who becomes aware of a safeguarding risk with children or vulnerable adults, or an actual abuse, to raise this immediately with the person(s) with responsibility for safeguarding within the Parish. 

The Safeguarding Co-ordinator for the Parish is Bethan Halpenny, contacted on 07837 755214

Alternatively, contact Pauline Butterfield (the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer) on 01928-718834 Ext 221 

Click here to view the Past Cases Review procedure


In May 2012 we opened the new St Bridget's Centre, which in normal times is available for bookings.  However, the Centre is closed at the moment.

There are strong links with the excellent Church Primary School next door.

We have many weddings, baptisms and funerals each year - click here for contact details if you wish to enquire.

Caldy Church is the daughter Church of St Bridget's, and has served Caldy Village in the name of Jesus Christ for a hundred years.

We are an Inclusive Church, a Fair Trade Parish and an Eco-Congregation.

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Prayer for the week

Lord of heaven and earth, as Jesus taught his disciples to be persistent in prayer, give us patience and courage never to lose hope, but always to bring our prayers before you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thought for the week

Whose story in the Book of Genesis spans 13 chapters – yet he is almost ignored in our Scriptures after that, being mentioned just 2 or 3 times? The answer is Joseph. His birth is recorded in chapter 35 of Genesis, but his story really begins in chapter 37. And what a story it is! The Old Testament reading set for today is Genesis 45.1-15. It only makes sense if you know everything that has happened before, because this part of the story is the dramatic moment when the man who is Pharaoh’s number 2 reveals himself to the sons of Jacob who are awaiting his judgement. He revealed himself as their brother, Joseph – the brother they sold into slavery. Joseph “could no longer control himself” we are told. He clearly needed to heal the rift in his family. This meant reconciling himself to the way he had been treated and forgiving his brothers. But he was prepared to do that. Put yourself in Joseph’s shoes. Remember, he had made a new life for himself in Egypt, a very successful, prosperous life. He could have chosen to harbour resentment, hatred, even a desire for revenge. But he chose instead reconciliation, forgiveness and healing. Could you do the same? Do you need to? How would you feel? After revealing himself, Joseph embraced his brothers and “wept upon them.” This is one of many Bible stories of sacrificial love – a love which lies at the beating heart of our faith. Graham Crowder